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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 6, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning to you. it is monday morning, september 6th. when you step outside, you might even think it is a little bit chilly out there. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's go straight over to you canner to find out about the
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forecast for this labor day. brrr. >> come on. >> i love it, 53 degrees at home. >> it's not brrr. 60 at dulles. lots of 50s out there. 51 in winchester. 53 in hags aretowns. 54 in ocean city. no doubt about it, it is one of our coolest mornings in many, many mornings. it should be a great-look day again with sunshine in the forecast here and just very quiet conditions continue across the washington area. there is your satellite-radar. lots of sunshine in the forecast. high pressure is going to keep us nice and try. got a cold front off to the north and west. that will bring us a little bit of cloud cover on wednesday. until then, great-looking conditions. if you have outdoor plans, going to do the barbecue, i know i'm going to gurvir's
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house later today, lots of sunshine, beautiful afternoon, 85 degrees with winds out of the south at five miles per hour. >> it is byob at my house. bring your own barbecue. >> okay. got it. >> thank you. let's take a look at our top stories. there are accusations of election fraud. one balancelet balancelet -- ballot claims that anthony news is on the ballot but when you flip it open, you are asked to vote for his opponent. a warning after a student was mugged and beaten. police say a student was walking home at 2:00 in the morning saturday when four people attacked him. this is the third off-campus attack in just one week. police don't know if these attacks are connected. a white house official says president obama will ask congress to permanently extend
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research and development tax cede feats businesses as a way to spur economic growth. mr.obama will outline the proposal wednesday during a speech on the economy in cleveland. the official says the $100 billion proposal will be paid for by closing other corporate tax breaks. a reminder this morning about moisture air changes on red line extending through this labor day. these five stations were shut down friday night and will not resume until 5:00 tomorrow morning. metro is offering free shuttle buses. labor day marks the summer's end. the white house puts on its dancing shoes and country repears to remember september 11th victims. jonathan hunt has more on this week ahead. >> reporter: monday, labor day, the official end to summer and one of the most traveled weekends. the year.
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president obama will be heading to wisconsin where he is scheduled to speak at the annual laborfest event in milwaukee. tuesday, first lady kicks often the white house dance series. michelle obama has invited world reknowned dance companies to perform at the administration's first event celebrating dance. the night will feature a number of performances from different american dance genres as well as a dance workshop. wednesday, president obama stopping in cleveland, ohio where he will deliver a speech on the economy. and the first lady will be in new orleans to promote the next phase of her let's move campaign. mrs.obama will be teaming up with nfl commissioner roger goodell and former nfl coach tony dungy to encourage children to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. saturday, it is the ninth anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. the first lady will be speaking at the memorial ceremony in honor of the passengers and
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crew of united flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania. she will be joined by former first lady laura bush. commemorative speeches will all be held at ground zero, the pentagon and all around the country. that is a look at the week ahead. jonathan hunt, fox news. it is monday morning, september 6th, 2010. it is labor day. we had an absolutely gorgeous weekend. for some folks, that long weekend continues today. it looks like they are off to a very cool start today. we're glad you could join us this morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is here too. he says it is not brrr but wow! >> it is wow this morning. >> the temperature are pretty nippy out there in a lot of spots. i think we're going to go to
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tucker or do you want me to do the weather? >> how should we do this. >> come on. >> okay. this makes me for a mighty uncomfortable feeling. >> let's get right to the maps. >> it was sunshine, cool temperatures, and this morning, i think this is the coldest we've seen in a while. >> it is. i will look up where this measures up and how far back we got to go but certainly one. the coolest days in the last 90 or so. 63degrees at reagan national. wash is one of the warmer spots. most of the area is in the 50s, even some upper 40s right now. pressure is up. we will have a nice day today. bright sunshine expected throughout the day today. it will be a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday, we were in the upper 70s and low 80s. winds will shift out of the south a little later this afternoon and we'll get warmer the next couple of days. but as far as labor days go,
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this will be a great one, outdoor barbecues, take the degree for a walk. couldn't be a nicer day. 85degrees, lots of sunshine . >> how come you always leave and ride a horse off your list? >> i don't know. >> julie wright is taking this labor day off. actually, she will be -- i guess she is the grand marshal of the gaithersburg parade this morning so we'll talk to her a little bit later on. but right now, lauren demarco is in with a look at traffic. you got it, didn't you? >> you guys are a little kooky this morning. >> it is labor day. >> all right. we do have, because of labor day, there is work on metro as we've been reporting. that will affect you if you ride the red line between fort totten and glenmont, the stations are closed so there is shuttle bus service. if you are riding the red line,
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you want to give yourself at least 40 minutes extra time as you get out there. here we are on the beltway crossing the american legion bridge. the camera has been freezing off and on but can you see the light volumes. everybody is running at speed. here at the pentagon, wide open. your hov restrictions are lifted on all of your major highways except for route other, the john hanson highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. allegations of election fraud in prince george's county. ballots sent to residents telling them who to vote for. turns out they are bogus. sarah simmons joins us with all the details. good morning. many time, candidates hand out sample ballots before voters head to the polls. this year, governor o'malley and the democrats handed out wed who governor owe malyea was endorse for
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instance. there are cymbal lots out there that look like that but some candidates say they are completely wrong. there are similar ballots out there. >> it is had elisas me as running for office. >> reporter: the democratic party has endorsed on the left. the fake one is on the left but look similar. >> the worst part about it is that this is an illegal document t lists citizens for change. no such entity is registered with the state of maryland. >> reporter: the ballot also claims state senator anthony news endorses the candidates inside. once you flip it inside, the fake ballot tells you to vote for his opponent. >> it's felony, violation of
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campaign law to have a committee that does not exist. >> reporter: the senator says he blames three of the candidates listed on the fake ballot, albert chapman, chris valderama and jerry mazis. he says he saw the supporters handing out the fake ballots during early voting in oxon hill. >> i went to the three candidates who were the primary ones carrying it and i said to them, these are fraudulent. you can't have these. but having potential lawmakers say to me, i don't care if we're breaking the law, we'll carry them for three days. that was basically the response until the police actually went out to make these candidates put down the ballots. >> reporter: the current state's attorney says the real problem is the criminal investigation will take much longer than the election. so there is really only one way to punish those responsible. >> make sure you figure out who
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is doing this and punish them at the ballot. >> reporter: not only do they say citizens for change does not exist. it also list as a phony treasurer and a phony address as well. we have tried contacting all three candidates that mews claims put those fraudulent ballots out but so far, we have not hard a response -- heard a response. back to you. early voting picks up today. officials opened four new voting locations on saturday. more than 3300 voters showed up to cast their ballots. the centers will reopen today. september14th is primary day in the district. the search is on for a suspect following a triple shooting in northeast washington. police say two teenagers and a young man were shot in a drive- by last night. it happened around 7:00 in the evening at 53 our and clay. one of the teenaged girls is believed to be 16 years old or younger. she was seriously injured with a bullet to the thigh.
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investigators are looking for a silver car involved in that hooting. for students at the university of maryland, watch your back an alert went out after a third student was mugged and beaten. a student was walking home at #:00 in the morning saturday when four people attacked him. -- at 2:00 in the morning. police are urging students and residents to keep their guards up. >> always be ware. make sure you walk with someone else. >> i go jogging by myself but never out here at night. i usually goat with friends. >> if i ever feel threatened or that there is something, i would try to call 911. >> on august 29th, a group of muggers approached three students waiting for a bus and robbed one ever them. two days before that, a similar incident happened just down the street in the parking lot of the clarion hotel. police don't know if these attacks are linked. it was a tense scene between loved ones at the site of those trapped miners in chile. a love triteri angle. find out what happened when two
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women realized they were holding a vigil for the same trapped miner. we are following the headlines. 
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along with the heartache and frustration for families of the trapped miners in chile, tensions are increasing over personal matters. one miner's wife has been keeping vigil along with that man's mistress. when the two realized they were pray for the same man, they had a very public argument and due to squabbling among relatives, the mines are had to send up a note des you go nateing who should get their august salary of $1,600. the good news is one month since the mine collapsed, the trapped miners are finally able to communicate directly with their loved ones. fox's peter deucey has more. >> reporter: thirty-flee flags, one for each miner trapped, 2200 feet below the surface in a collapsed chilean mine and
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for the first time since the accident one month ago, relatives talked to the miners at a video conference. >> daddy, how are you? i love you, dad. we are waiting for you here with a lot of kisses. >> i love you lots too. plenty of kisses for you. >> prior to using the video camera, families communicate with the men through letters and recordings. >> i got a letter from my brother saying he is happy to know we are here and that it gives them courage. >> reporter: officials use a hole the size of a grapefruit to send tubes of food, medicine and water down a shaft to the men. >> initially we thought this would take 15 or 20 days maximum. now, we know it's long-term project. we already have one month of waiting aand we are not very calm. >> reporter: officials a drills are ready to begin a acautious dig down to where the men are trapped but could another two to four months to reach them. miners are ware that their rescue will take a long time
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but they don't know exactly how long. they want to help them stay mentally and physically healthy. >> there is a total change regarding the first videos and the spirits are much higher. >> reporter: a group of nasa advisors are recommending the miners be given an extra dose of vitamin d to compensate for the lack of van der sloot, an adequate exercise regimen and adequate activities to keep them busy. president obama is unveiling yet another move to try to fix the failing economy. he will do that this week. mr.obama will visit milwaukee and cleveland. aides confirm the president will propose a permanent extension of a popular tax credit that is a break for business research done in the united states. also under consideration by the obama white house is an extext of hiring incentives and a payroll tax holiday. >> the news that we always like to see deathbed conversions but the fact is if we would have done this kind of thing nearly
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a couple of years ago, we would be about in better shape. >> there have been a series of tax cuts to businesses but thank goodness, we are not shrinking. we are growing. danger at a local construction site. coming up next, a race against time as crews try to save a worker trapped in a trench. we'll show you what unfolded. >> after i beautiful weekend, you can expect more of the same for your labor day holiday. i'll have all the details. lauren demarco will have a look at your on-time traffic coming up after the break. 
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welcome back. it is labor day. and it is a really beautiful start to this day after just a lovely weekend. so tucker is in now. i don't expect there will be a lot of people out on the road except maybe headed back home from the extended weekend. >> later this afternoon, but not this morning. this is always one of the nicest times of year. we make the transition from the summertime heat into the early fall. no doubt about it, arrived just in time this year. today should be just about perfect with high temperature in the mid-80s. humidity won't be bad and a lot of sunshine for the next couple of days. >> can we say bye-bye to the 90s for good? >> not quite. maybe one or two 90s in the five-day forecast and then some
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quieter weather. so let's get to it. let's talk about yesterday. yesterday. >> all my troubles seemed so far away. >> thank you, gurvir. that was beautiful. bwi marshall, 78 degrees. for high temperatures? wow! testimonies will be in the low 80s today. should be a nice looking forecast going forward for our labor day. i mentioned ideal conditions around here later. all right. mostly cool. in fact, cool area-wide but particularly cool outside the beltway. we are 57 out in gaithersburg. 5 # for you in frederick. 52348 quantico. 58 for you in frederick. 52 in quantico. lots of clear skies and very
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quiet weather conditions continuing. the beaches will be nice today. out to the west, not a lot happening. we have a cold front off to the north and west. that just won't keep itself organized as it approaches. so a few clouds will spill into the region by about wednesday and then some cooler air behind it but no rain in this forecast for the next five days. and if you feel like it has been dry out there lately, it is not your imagination. we have now gone about 14 days without rain here in washington. it looks like we'll go another four or five before we have any rain at all in the forecast. today, mostly sunny skies, little warmer than yesterday. winds out of the south and about five miles per hour. overnight tonight, just a few clouds in the forecast. not quite as cool as it is currently. 64 for the overnight low. generally speaking, a picture- perfect five-day forecast. that cold front gets in here and bricks us a little bit of cloud cover and cooler air for thursday and friday. highs back into the low 80s. good-looking five-day forecast. let's get to some on-time
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traffic and lauren demarco has the latest for you. 85 and sunny, we know why julie is not here. >> i know but this morning, you was freezing. i can't believe you feel it. summer is over. it is ending. got my white in on my last day possible. all right. well, as you head out there, because of the holiday, we've got very light volume to report. although there are some accidents right now route 4 at 301. we have a wreck reported there at upper marlboro. let's take a look out to the west as you head in from 270 getting past falls road down toward the split. no problems to report. very nice trip in and the beltway incident-free in montgomery county as well. 66 inbound looks good as you leave route 50 fair oaks all the way in towards it is beltway. here we are, northbound 395 getting as contract 14th street bridge. no problems there. all of your reversible roads in the district are carrying two-
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with carrying two way traffic and your hov restrictions are lifted except for the john hanson highway. the tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont stations shut down friday night at 10:00 and service will not resume until 5:00 tomorrow morning. metro is offering free shuttle buses between fort totten and glenmont. workers are replacing two old track switches, laying new track, installing new safety lights and also repairing water leaks scientist crew was working at an apartment complex when a trench gave with a t happened in district heights. stacy cohan has the details. -- whether a trench gave way. it happened in district heights. >> reporter: a man in his 50s remained encased in dirt n all started around 11:30 a.m. when workers came to this district heights apartment building to do some waterproofing work. they dug a hole at least six
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feet deep. at least one workers was in the hole when the sides collapsed. >> it covered him as far as we know over his head. his coworkers were able to extricate him down to his waist at least. >> reporter: getting him completely free was more complicated. the collapsed rescue team had to carefully dig and to construct a wooden square around the victim so a firefighter could be safely lowered into the trench. meanwhile, the trapped worker said little and was given oxygen to help his breathing. >> he is con she is and alert. he is having some respiratory distress as could be expected. >> reporter: just after 2:00, the man is hoisted out of the hole. he winces with pain as emergency workers whisk him off a waiting ambulance and the secondary task of figuring out what went wrong will likely begin starting with questions about whether the trench was properly secured prior to the collapse. >> it looks six to seven feet if not a little deeper and the rule is four feet and above,
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have you to have metal shoring or wooden shoring, something on that line. >> reporter: stacy cohan, fox 5 news. >> the victim wads taken to baltimore shock trauma where he was last listed in condition. she is known as the black widow of eating contests. virch's own sonya thomas, we haven't heard from her in quite a while. but she is back in a pretty big way. still ahead, how she devoured a record and then rubbed it in. more on the albert haynesworth saga as the redskins get ready to take on dallas. has the coaching staff reached its breaking point?
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back now with a look at sports. the redskins 53-man roster is set and now the real fun begins. it is date las week. several sources say coach chan shan is confident that donovan mcnabb will start against dallas on sunday. the situation with albert haynesworth is not as positive.
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"washington post" is reporting that haynesworth may not start in the regular season opener against dallas because of a disappointing performance in last thursday's pre-season finale. according to the report, haynesworth took part in only a few areas. terrence austin was released. he led the offense in receiving in pre-season. he has been named to the practice squad. >> you got to do what you think is best for your football team. worst thing people can do is that a draft pick keeps them at draft pick. you get the people that gives you the best chance to win. 50% of your draft choices that make the football team, you had a heck of a draft. to college football and a big game for two in-state
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rivals. the terps will face navy. this is the 21st all-time meeting against the two teams but the first since 2005. in baseball news, the national as and the pirates final game of the series and this one was all nats. they blasted the nats 8-1. the nats won their first road series since may. and the nats got some good news over the weekend. steven strasburg had successful tommy john surgery. could the injury have been preventedded? what about the brawl with the marlins. fox 5's dave ross and wisdom martin go off the wall. >> reporter: welcome once again to off the wall. what do we have in store? >> we are talking about baseball. let's talk about what happened with the nationals this week. niger mothering on and that whole incident in the pitcher who was throwing fast balls at
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his teammates. so niger got mad so he went off the pitcher. this is a dirty move. is all this dirty or is it just hard core baseball. >> he is playing hard but it might be slightly dirty. there are unwritten rules in baseball. one of them is you don't take out the catcher and break his shoulder like niger did the game before. you have to know you are going to get hit the next day. that is part of the unwritten rules. the problem i have, lets just write them down once and if all and we know what the rules are. >> how about saying if you throw a 100-mile an hour fast ball at somebody, you get kicked out of the game if you throw that at me, i'm coming after you. >> you would be off the wall at that point if you came after me. i think nyinger was playing hard but it was a little bit bush league what he did. >> let's talk about something
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else. we had this discussion about whether we should shut down strasburg or not. and obviously i was right. because if they had shut him down, he wouldn't be hurt. was it a freak thing or should she have shut him down a while ago. >> i don't know if it was preventible. i think when your arm goes, your arm goes. i do think they should have shut him down a little bit earlier. they didn't. it wasn't a fluke because the guy has been pitching forever. he was four years in college. i think they should have shut him down. but have it go now. but go through the next 12 to 18 months of hell and get him back. hopefully, he is throwing 100 miles per hour, just not at your head. >> if they had shut him down, because there was nothing to play for, this injury probably would not have happened. >> so you are a doctor now. wisdom martin is saying it
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would have been fine. >> it would have been fine because he would have been sitting at home on ice. >> i know you like to sit at home on ice. >> i do because i'm cool. >> i say it was going to happen eventually. dr.martin disagrees. >> i am a doctor. >> go to and tell him why you disagree. i'm feeling fine. what is my temperature, doc? >> see you next week. can you hear more of wisdom and dave's discussion on our web site, click on the off the wall page. stay with us because we have much more straight head. your weather, your traffic and your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 5:00 begins right now. it is labor day on this monday morning. it is september 6th, 2010. we get a live look outside. a lot of folks have this


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